Thursday, March 18, 2010

Plants and Seeds

This couldn't fall at a better time! We are going to enjoy a week of plants and seeds as we prepare our garden and fix all the flower beds! It will be a great week to learn and get our hands dirty outside!!! :)

Here are some activities we will do this week as we have fun with SEEDS and PLANTS:


What Will Grow?

Supplies: various seeds, paperclip, rocks, shells, penny, soil, plastic cups

Activity: Let the children guess what can and cannot grow in soil.

Plant a seed

Supplies: plastic bags, cotton balls, lima beans

Activity: Put a lima bean and a moist cotton ball in a plastic bag. Hang the plastic bag in the window. You can also hang a couple more in various places to discover what plants need to grow!


From Seed to Sprout

Supplies: seeds, soil, cups, 6”x18” paper folded in half, glitter, brown paint

Activity: After planting some seeds, discuss how plants need nutrients from the soil to grow, as well as water, sunlight, and air. Paint the bottom half of the paper brown, like soil, and sprinkle glitter on top, like seeds.

(After your seeds start to sprout, you can paint little sprouts on the picture using your fingertips.)

Plants Use Water

Supplies: two stalks of celery, two cups, water

Activity: After looking at the celery very closely, place one stalk in a cup of water and the other in an empty cup. Observe the plants over the next few days.


Cupcake Flowers

Supplies: cupcake wrappers, seeds, green construction paper, glue, blue construction paper, glue

Activity: Cut the green paper to make a stem and leaves. Use the cupcake to make a flower and glue the seeds inside. Use a crayon to draw the details of the sun, dirt, grass, etc.

Rainbow Plates

Supplies: paper plates, watercolors

Activity: Cut the paper plates in half. Use the watercolors to paint a rainbow!


Plants Use Water

Supplies: stalks of celery, celery from earlier experiment, 2 cups, water, food coloring

Activity: After looking at the celery very closely, discuss what happened to the celery that stayed in the water. Place the celery in the cups of dyed water. Observe the plants over the next few days.

Carrot Seed Graph

Supplies: baby carrots, orange/green paper, white paper, crayons, glue

Activity: After reading “The Carrot Seed” have them taste carrots. (You could use the carrots to make something yummy for dinner!) Make a graph titled “Do you like carrots?” Then ask around! You can post it on FB or call family and friends to ask. Check out the graph and make observations: more than, less than, equal, etc.

Other Activities:

  • Seeds and Plants Book (Make a book using leftover seeds and seed packets. "When these seeds grow, they will become _______.")
  • Discover Seeds (Place lima beans between a wet paper towel overnight. When you open the seed up, you can use a toothpick or tweezers to investigate the tiny plant that has started to grow inside!)
  • Seeds Discovery Bottles (Make a discovery bottle using basil seeds and water. Keep this discovery bottle in the sun to make sure the seeds sprout in a few days!)
  • Writing in Soil (Use the end of silk flowers to practice handwriting in soil.)
  • Your Garden (Book from
  • Seeds (Book from
  • Spring Sentences (from
  • Flower Counting Game (Make a flower mat by drawing flowers on a paper. To play, roll a dye and cover that many flowers with cotton balls. Continue playing until all the flowers have been covered.
  • Flower 1:1 Game (from


Lezli said...

Annie, you are so creative! :) I love your ideas and your willingness to make learning so fun. Keep the ideas coming -- I love doing things like this with my kids but lack the creative gene :)


Rachel said...

Great ideas Annie! I esp love the celery! Keep up the good ideas!